Posted by: cmittermeier | December 2, 2010

Hello world!

Many people have wanted me to blog, and I have never had anything that I wanted to share with, well, the world so I haven’t.  Now I have something I’m okay with strangers reading.  Many will be disappointed because it is likely not what they wanted, but this isn’t about them, its about me. I am 39 years old, roughly 5’3″ and and I am around 200lbs.  I have been overweight much of my life though hardly all.  At this point its getting close to 45% of my life where a doctor would have taken issue with my weight and 75% of the time when I took issue with it.  I’m a woman, what more do I need to say.

I have never tried a fad diet, nor will I.  I have never drank a meal, nor will I.  I have never taken pills to loose weight, nor will I.  I am very old fashioned and if I can’t make eating and exercising work without major modern interventions than somehow I have gone off the path God intended for our bodies. I have been searching for about 22 months for a God-Centric way to loose weight.  Soon I am about to begin on what feels like the most major part of it.  It is the closest I will come to “major modern intervention” – I am paying for a coach.

For roughly the next two months, a trained professional will come over every second day.  What will she do?

  • Presently she’s going through my medical records to see how far gone I am (my family has bad heart problems and type 2 diabetes).  I want to avoid dying 13 years from like my Dad – end of story.  I know in the last ten years my cholesterol has gone up.  I know other things have gotten worse… but she knows how to read all those numbers.
  • She will gradually make changes to our eating – and that will take a long time because it also means life changes.  I don’t plan food.  Two nights ago dinner was a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla and a bowl of homemade soup.
  • She will exercise with me for one hour every second day… and as the song playing in the background says, “That changes everything”.

So, how is a coach part of the God-Centric plan?  Because she is acting as the hands, the feet and the voice of Christ.  Did I forget to mention that I met her at Church?

See, God never meant us to be islands, we are to fit together like little pieces of a great big beautiful jig-saw puzzle.   I cannot make the changes needed on my own.  So what I cannot do, I am to look to others for it.  Every time I have meditated on how to make such massive changes in the tide of my life I kept getting whispers (and sometimes much louder voices) to build community.

All communities start somewhere – so the question then turned to what supports?  There were many options and that was where the real discernment started to take shape.  There are three types of ways to know God’s plan for our lives according to St. Ignatius Loyola, and this one was a combination of the second and third methods.  It was a lot of listing of options, gathering information (third method) and then prayer as I listened to the subtle whispers that over time became clearer (second method).  Remember, this is 22 months into the decision to permanently loose weight.  Discernment by the second and third methods is of variable time lengths!

So she is to be the first in my new community.  It will be interesting to see how it goes because I am one of those people who moves around groups.  I tend to meet & move.  Permanent life changes, well, they get hard to keep when your friends float in and out.  But God obviously has a plan and if I needed to know the answer to that part he’d have told me now.  Seeing as he hasn’t I’ll just leave it on the shelf for him to slowly unpack as I become ready for it.

And to answer my friends who will read this and go, “why didn’t you come to me?” you will have to take that to the big guy not me.  I suspect that you will all be a part of his solution for me, but think about it, do you really want to be at the hub of such a major section of my life?  This isn’t some vain “I want to fit into a bathing suit for summer” thing folks:  I don’t want to die.  I don’t want to live the life my parents had, on the sidelines of our lives because they couldn’t run and keep up.  This is not just a matter of a few quick fixes – it is an entire rewrite of my family.  My coach will only be one part, but it will mean re-arranging everything.  You all know what my commitments are – do you really want to be the ones saying, “Camille, choose what will you leave so you can get prepped for a week of lunches?”.   Don’t envy her role.  Be glad you are called to other aspects in my life.

And that’s the beginning, well, the middle.  So you’re caught up to date, tomorrow I see the Doc to get the final notes for the coach and then comes the “where are you now” meeting… tape measures and such.  Now that will be interesting.  Till then!



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    CONGRATS on the Decision and the Action…after much discernment…to Change your life for you and your Family 🙂

    I find nothing more irritating than when people say, “Just do it.”
    IF ONLY it were that simple 😕

    We may want something, but do our lives “fit?”

    Your example of dinner is all too common for many. We don’t have time for US!

    We care for our spouses, our Kids, our Families…all, except for us.

    As Barb told us, We need to make time for ourselves, We need to Love ourselves. 🙂

    Congrats on your New Life! Hope you can pass on some tips 😉


    • Of course there will be lots to share – this is a community effort!!

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