Posted by: cmittermeier | December 6, 2010

Doctor’s Note…

On Friday I had the meeting with my doctor to get his letter.  I must admit, my sieve of a memory meant that I forgot a few things, but lets hope everything that needed to be there got in the note.  I had one surprise out of the appointment… last January I was “this close” to needing treatment for my cholesterol & I am now in the target range.  Moreover, he was very happy because as my total cholesterol went down my good cholesterol stayed the same.  He had to explain why this meant a lot to him.  Not everyone responds to dietary & exercise interventions, hence why some tennis player died at 39 with clogged arteries.  The fact that by moving back to more chicken and cutting back on beef changed my cholesterol meant that I am not in that group.

It was interesting because that day I got to go for a half hour walk about two hours after breakfast and it wasn’t long after that I started to get nauseated and light-headed.  I ate a banana and waited 15 minutes before eating more and it went away, only to come back an hour and a half later in his office… thankfully I had another banana.  If that hadn’t have happened I would have surely forgot to ask for the script for the testing strips.  I am so easily distracted!

I had to write down all my food for a week to give her an idea of what my eating is like and what changes need to be made.  The first obvious thing is how little I plan ahead.  I just grab and go way, way, way too much.  The lack of fruit was something I wasn’t surprised by, nor the lack of veggies.   The planning is going to take a lot of time to change.

I tend to notice when I have cravings and can generally figure out what is missing.  Good example is that if I’m not taking my calcium pills eventually I start to crave milk like its water.  This week it was salty, spicy foods.  I don’t generally use salt, so when I start to need it, it is very obvious.  Spicy, well in the past I’ve only craved that when I’m fighting a cold.  Its as if my body wants to burn the germs away… pepper, chili powder, you name it.

I am tired today – school trip with my son’s class.  It was a good trip, but it left me exhausted.  I napped for half an hour when I got back.  I need to get ready for tomorrow but I just can’t focus well.  My son came home with a headache, and that adds to things.  He isn’t ready to admit it, but that long of a day in a loud, energetic place is bound to give him a migraine.  Though it is fun at the time it is a perfect example of how our bodies react to overstimuli.

I find it interesting reflecting like this.  As Catholics we are taught to reflect everyday (well, some Saints would have you do it three times a day) on how things went.  I certainly see the merit in it.  There is much to be gained.

Tomorrow I have my assessment and set the exercise dates.  This is where many of my friends will be very happy to not be in the coaches shoes… I am not exactly a flexible person in some ways.  I will say a prayer for it to go well, for my stubborn “I can’t” to be more open-minded.  Oiy vey, I feel like writing “who am I kidding? I —-” but I won’t just yet.  I know this is a lot of work and that it is going to be life CHANGING, not life stagnating. 

Well that’s all for now.


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