Posted by: cmittermeier | December 8, 2010

exercise… everyday

Exercise everyday.

Start with 5 minutes and slowly build up to one hour.


I am still left speechless.  It will mean a lot of changes.  I cannot see where I am going to find a hour to exercise everyday.  I look at the way things are and am looking for some sort of glimmer that it is possible – I can find 5 minutes.  I certainly do not see the end, but just because I can’t see around the corner does not mean the road does not exist.  It just means that, well, I have to keep moving along the turn and eventually it will show itself.

So what does that practically mean?  It means that right now I am not trying to solve all the problems, just two smaller ones.

  1. Plan my food somewhat
  2. Find 5 minutes that is common to all 7 days a week that are more likely than others to be stretched into an hour

The first one will start small: we will revert to a base menu that repeats as we did in the past.  Not exactly the healthiest menu, but, that will be changed later. Monday will be stir fry & brown rice,  Tuesday will be pizza, Wednesday will be pasta, Thursday is chicken nuggets, Friday is Fish (sticks for the kids, salmon for us).  The weekends will depend on what is one sale.  The night previous I will look ahead to the day and if I can’t see lunch being 100% at home I’ll have Rich make me a lunch.

As for number 2… well its looking like mornings will be that time.  I will have to adapt Tuesday because of the work at the church, and the weekends, well, I’m going to have to brainstorm on them.

Start small.  Make small changes.  Sounds reasonable!



  1. Sounds like you’re getting it down…

    We’re rooting for you!!

    Cuz ‘member, Ripple Effects…ripple effects… 😉

    • …and when you get back you’ll be walkin’ with me, right senora?????

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