Posted by: cmittermeier | December 9, 2010

How low did I go – blood sugar that is

Not exactly how one wants to wake up: nauseated, light-headed.

Blood sugar reading: 3.6

Its something that I’ve dealt with since my early twenties.  I am susceptible to low blood sugar attacks.  Its part of why I eat, eat, eat… I’m trying to prevent.  It is hard to not just “keep eating” till the symptoms go away when you have an attack – so again, eat, eat, eat.

I am very glad I have my coach, she is trained in diabetes management and this is right up her alley.  If I didn’t have that I would go back to the old standby: eat, eat, eat.  But she knows what she is doing, so I’m following her advice.  It worked this morning, but I will admit I am shaken inside.

It is scary when it drops, this isn’t something like a headache where worst case you need more pain medication.  I can pass out, or worse have a seizure or go into a coma.  I have passed out in many places where people were around and could call for help.  It is embarasing enough that you never want to have it happen again – but I’m not always around people.  Today I will be at home alone cleaning and moving things around.  Today I will be taking my blood sugar readings more, being super careful in what I eat, and in closer contact with my coach.

For those of wondering why did it drop, I did a 20 minute mall walk yesterday.  Exercise seems to make it worse.  Today I will be very careful in how much I do and where it fits in relation to my eating.

Take care everyone, snack safely!


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