Posted by: cmittermeier | December 10, 2010

and she’s down… literally

Today my coach got to see exactly what has had me give up in the past.

I crashed.

We were doing a stretch on a stability ball and I leaned back my head and the world started to move.  I have vertigo, but because I don’t normally turn my head upside down I don’t tend to have much problem.  It took years to teach my body how to work without relying on my inner ear, and so I generally forget about it.  Once it kicked in, my system went into something like shock.  My blood pressure went down and as it wasn’t very high to begin with (107/70) that meant I was really down.  It was hard for me to find my own pulse, and it was very slow considering we were exercising.  We had been monitoring my blood sugar throughout, and I’d needed to eat several times to get it up enough.

Now I must take naps, and this is going to be a very slow journey at first.  I now see why lately I’d been given tasks that stretched my patience, the Lord was preparing me for this moment.  I will not be able to rush through this one, and the “results” will be far less dramatic than the world would get excited about – but I will.  There is something deeper here, this isn’t just about loosing weight and changing my life physically.  I am learning perseverance, patience.  How I wish I had these lessons before my children were born, I would have been a much better mother.  But, God’s timing is not mine and I know that he had very good reasons for choosing NOW.

I am so glad God has given me my coach, she knows just how to handle these things and I certainly don’t.  Her knowledge is quite extensive, she is very holistic.  It is amazing how beautifully structured God’s tapestry is, how interconnected we all are.

Thank you Lord, for all these friends of mine.  Thank you Lord, for all that you have shown me in the last two days.  I will praise you in my successes and in crashes like today for it though the world likely won’t get it, it was wonderful!  Easter Sunday really is worth going through Good Friday.



  1. Not Dramatic enough?? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    ANY change, no matter how small is DRAMATIC and the world DOES notice…

    Celebrate each and every result!
    THAT is what will keep you motivated =o)

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