Posted by: cmittermeier | December 10, 2010

God-Centered in practice

So what does it mean to be God-Centric with weight loss?

Its not much different than being God-Centric in anything else.  First, you do your part.  In this case it meant I had to clean out an area so we could work out.  It meant I had to find time to make snacks.  It meant (much harder) that I had to eat only what I said for my snack and then STOP.  Second, anything you can’t do, you must leave to God to take care of.  You don’t think about it.  You change what you are thinking about when you start to rue over ‘how am I going to…’ by forcing yourself to think about something else – for example think about your favourite moments with your kids.  It always takes my mind off stuff.

You also have to listen and reflect, because God works in many different ways and usually through other people.  Like the lady I work with at my son’s school who wanted to get rid of her old treadmill.  Since getting a newer machine, they just don’t use it.  Now, getting it would mean more cleaning out of the basement.  It would mean facing my hubby as the basement is his space and this is one more infringement.  It would mean getting friends to help move it between houses.  It also meant getting up the guts to ask for it when we were in a room where everyone was talking about the treadmills, the eliptical trainers, and all the other equipment they had.  All things I can do.  The actually cost – well – God took care of that.

And don’t knock the reflection part, please and thank you.  Yesterday I had to deal with a very yukky thing: low blood sugar.  I went by the rules I’d been given before, and it was hard.  I wanted to go knee-jerk and overeat.  Yesterday afternoon, as I kept thinking about it, little glimmers of my past started to surface.  Oh, I’d been here before, and in the old pattern three days from now I’d be giving up.  Today as I ran some errands that last sentence hit me full force.  This time I have learned, this time I am listening to all that God is telling me and not just trying to scream out my “MY WAY, MY WAY, MY WAY!!!!”


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