Posted by: cmittermeier | December 23, 2010

…and she’s down again – the sniffles really wore me out

I’m feeling back to myself today, just a bit of minor congestion.  Yesterday I spent almost the whole day in bed as fighting a cold took everything out of me.  I had a long talk with a good friend at the end of the day, and some good stuff came out of it.

I’m going to spend some time today planning forward.  No change can be accomplished overnight or in a hodgepodge fashion.  Nearly every walk has been grabbed, not planned.  That won’t lead to routine.  The changes to my eating are not yet sustainable for much the same reason – I am already at the point where new change means something gets dropped and last week the something dropped was often my meds.  Note I still have not remembered to take my glucose at the times the coach wanted, though I have tried several types of reminders for it.

The next two weeks are part of the “alternate routine” (30% of my year is the times when the kids are home), and then its back to “regular”.  I need to figure out gradual, sustainable changes that will lead to routine, but it also presupposes knowledge of the final routine.  We want the pieces to build on each other, not replace and continually rewrite.  Tomorrow I need to peak ahead to the dream diet so I can figure out ways to change that aren’t one block in, one block off the back.

In a very real sense, I have backslided from where I was this time last year.  I had a usable routine last fall, that included walking.  I had regular meal prep. times, and a much better routine for household stuff.  It was not perfect and there were many things missing from that routine.  Last Winter I slowly lost that routine, and am now at the point where for the first time since leaving work I have two weeks of laundry to do, the vacuum has not been used since early October and my bathrooms have gone without for far too long.  Blocks came on and blocks went off.

Today I am going to buy a book called “Delivered from Distraction”.  It is the sequel to “Driven to Distraction”, one of the few books written for adults with ADHD in the slew of ones for kids.  Driven to Distraction was to help adults arm themselves to go to the doctor and say, “THIS IS ME – HELP PLEASE” without specific treatment /behavioural directives.  It was written by two docs with ADHD.  I have survived by relying on adrenaline production – I was the risk-taker, just enough to get my fix so I could focus.  That is how I survive the first three weeks of any month – I hype on adrenaline to get through the Confirmandi/Mary’s Corner and then crash.  Wednesdays are often a total write off as my body shuts down from Tuesday’s push.  I am getting too old to live on that particular medication.  A simple cold has never been enough to put me to sleep with achy bones, and yet it did.

I am not in the survival mode you have seen me in the last few weeks.  I don’t bend when just trying to get through a day/week/month – change is insurmountable then.  Now, I bend.  So now, I plan and move forward!



  1. I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob

    • I don’t know if its just the company I keep, or my age group but I find we’ve all reached that place where it is about longer journeys. I find I am enjoying it more than when I tried for wham-bham-there-I’m-done because I don’t get so caught up on slow spots and stuff. Keep us informed of your journey too, I like when ships cross in the night as they are beacons to each other!

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