Posted by: cmittermeier | December 24, 2010

ADhD and me

I have ADhD, type I or just plain ADD.  I am not hyeractive (though in my family some are hyperactive) – I am just all over and very distractible.  It has many benefits, and many challenges.  Included here is an email I sent to a friend today, she suggested I work a blog around it and you know, she’s right!

From: Camille Mittermeier
Subject: RE: got yo mess
To:  Good buddy!
Date: Thursday, December 23, 2010, 4:00 PM

I am woman, hear me ROAR! 

I am off to look over and possibly buy some books on managing ADHD.  I just sat down and did a general schedule for the week.  Do you have any idea how much stuff there is to do in a day?  Like I mean really, keeping a house takes time!  I booked T/R for church stuff, two grocery runs, one Tuesday after Mary’s corner and a smaller one on Friday.  I put in two veggie prep times, and one major time on Monday morning to do major meal prep stuff (like get the pizza dough made, the soup for the week, that kind of thing).

I set a morning routine and a bedtime routine that I will print off and put in laminate, just like we’re doing for RK’s end of school routines.  I don’t have the brain power to remember it any more than he does.

I wish my bathroom counter had less stuff on it, but I share it with my hubby.  I’m going to see if he wouldn’t mind it all under the counter (like mine).  If all we have is the teeth stuff than I can do a nightly wipe-down.  I’ve been doing that with the boys bathroom and boy does it help keep things cleaner.  Those guys sure love to rinse and spit, but aim is not yet mastered!

I’m going to work on one particular kitchen counter that urks me when I get back from chapters.

I’m starting to understand something about my Mom and one sister – they are “everything IN” people.  Drawers are quite cluttered, but the tops are almost empty I am generally the reverse.  It is easier for me to stay organized when things are out of sight – somehow I can remember bins, drawers easier when my brain isn’t visually cataloguing what is all around me.  Intriguing.

Keep you posted!

It was a new thought for me to realize that the less I see, the easier I can keep track of stuff.  It was also hard to face just how “busy” I am.  That general calendar does not have a lot of extra space in it, and long term that will be a problem.  You don’t tackle every problem at once though, so I’m leaving that one for now.
I had a very productive day, I got through my bathroom cabinet.  I dumped a small garbage bag of stuff, and quite a bit of recyling.  I had make-up from the BC era (Before Children) – girls, make-up is not meant to stick around for 10+ years…
I picked up two books – I will put them up in a later post where I talk on each of them more.  (ok, I’m just too lazy to go pick them up and get the proper titles)  It is so funny reading about yourself, especially in the one on organizing for ADDers.  Many of my friends have immaculate houses and it is hard for me to interact with them at times.  I fall so far behind them, and contrary to what most people think – just cause we with ADhD can’t manage to keep things all perfect, doesn’t mean we like living in our disarray.  yes, we can ignore it really easily (actually its not that we ignore it, we are focusing on other things – if you don’t get that, stop and focus just on this word HERE and tell me what is two lines directly above it – ha!  You moved your eyes, didn’t you?  See, if I’m focused in my tangent, I won’t notice the breakfast dishes or the dirty sink… I will be honest, I can’t believe people spend so much time doing it.  what can I say, I have ADhD and if it doesn’t glitter, well, uh, I get squirmy.  So I feel very out of place with all my immaculate friends, one time I left a friend’s house and felt I was living in that movie the Stepford wives……….. that’s when my ADD was out of control really badly.  I am the kid with the torn pants, dirt on my face and one leg caught in my socks.
Where was I?  Oh, right.  I don’t actually know what my main point was.  Hmm.  Well, that’s me.
So, today I have cleaned the bathrooms, gotten through 2 weeks of laundry, put the rubber boots away, bought some books to help me move forward and not back, exercised (yes, I got in my walk while doing laundry)… and the night is still young.  Likely I’m just going to read from here on in.

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