Posted by: cmittermeier | January 7, 2011

Its nine and I haven’t gotten in my walk… but I got in my rosary :)

This will be short!  Tomorrow I am going to exercise first thing in the morning and blog AFTER I’ve done my required walk.  Yes, on Friday’s my trainer comes at 1:00pm for that part – but I am getting real tired of leaving my walk till now.

Especially when I could have gotten it in earlier, yet I choose to use the car.  Small steps, small steps.

Today I did reach one goal that will help me with these goals: I spent some time in adoration.  It was very good to spend some time with Him, he’s a great listener.  He also knows just what to say.

Tonight my prayer is that all who read this get in some exercise even if you can’t get out of your chair – raise your arms 20 times!  It really is the smallest of steps we have to try for, not the major ones.

Do it anyways… just like me as I log off this to go hit the treadmill.


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