Posted by: cmittermeier | January 8, 2011

Moving the moves to the mornin’

This is for all you night people out there, and those ADHDers who end up doing too much at night because we put it off during the day.

For two days in a row my exercise was complete before the ‘late evening routine’ began.  I won’t say “see, if I can do it so can you” because it is not that simple, even for me.  The only reason that I worked out both mornings is that the evenings were not available.  I tricked myself into thinking “now or never” when the day started.  The real test will be tomorrow when the evening is available… will I be able to get up and exercise before I head to church at 9:40?  It means I have to get up early (for a Sunday), and that means no super late night with the girls tonight.  Here is where my present model of understanding of myself doesn’t provide a direct answer… so what will I do?

Look for a Simone of Cyrene?  Maybe.  Expect a pentacost moment?  Maybe.  Prepare for Confession?  Definitely.

Now let me explain.  I mentioned the first two to show you that God will work both indirectly through others and directly through the action of the Holy Spirit and rarely will we know in advance how so we need to be open to any and all ways he will choose to help us.  The last, an examination of conscience is a MUST because only in doing that will I see if I am passing the buck when my own coffers are still full.  It is true that God helps us, but he also gave us many gifts and talents that we are to use.  It is only in using our muscles they get stronger, and the same goes for the virtue muscles.

Virtue muscles… hmm, I like that phrase.  Lets go back over the deadly sins for a minute and review the one I’m in jeopardy of falling into tomorrow morning if I don’t get up in time: SLOTH.  Now, for all those with ADHD who have been brandished lazy, slothful, etc., I want you to know what SLOTH is NOT.  Sin is not a simple do or do not – its more in the mind than anything else.  For example, I can be physically making love to my husband, but in my mind having a grand ol’ time with Brad Pitt… and guess what, I’m committing adultery and guilty of the deadly sin of LUST.  Taken to the other extreme, phsycially my body could be raped – techincally I am engaging in the act of intercourse – but in no way shape or form would I be guilty of LUST.  Now, think about your ADHD (and mine).  The alarm goes off, we’re still in dreamland.  In my case, I will likely not remember why the alarm is going off on a Sunday and just go back to sleep.  My brain doesn’t tend to remember things at the right time, so I’ll remember when I’m typing that I need to buy oatmeal, but when I’m in the grocery store have no clue I need it.  I am not lazy or slothful when these things happen, but my ADHD is not the sum total of who I am either.  I have other gifts and if I don’t choose to use them – then I will be slothful for giving in the snooze button.

Think of a person in a wheelchair.  They cannot walk from A to B.  They can use their arms to move from A to B.

For those of us with ADHD, it is a real effort to use those other muscles (well, at least it is for me!).  That is when we cross the line and I start exercising virtue muscles.  Virtue, if I understand it, is a synergry between you and God the Holy Spirit.  Your efforts get boosted – but that’s the point – there has to be effort of your part.  That is why it is a definite must that I review my conscience to see if there is some part where I am being slothful that I can overcome.

In my case its pretty obvious: I need to put a BIG SIGN (little ones are not noticed) beside my bed.  It will read as follows:

What do you Choose?


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