Posted by: cmittermeier | January 12, 2011

Sleeping in Sunday was not an option, at least not yet.

By Tuesday it was quite undeniable, I should not have gotten up so early on Sunday.  I needed that rest and will have to set my Sunday exercise for after dinner till a much later time.  Though I was able to exercise on Monday, by the evening I was not able to shrug off that feeling of “burned out, must vacation”.  Tuesday I spent much of the afternoon unable to wake up, and though yes, it was a point in my cycle where my energy is the lowest, it was the mental angst that worried me most.  I was craving a vacation – time where I wouldn’t have to do – do – do and others would take care of things.

It was a family celebration Tuesday night and we had to eat out.  What surprised me was that it was very easy for me to eat properly – no temptations to get fries instead of veggies, no desire for dessert.  I was still wanting a vacation though – so much so that I spent part of the night thinking seriously about trying for something during the kids March break.  When I woke up, after the boys were off to school I went back to bed.  I got done only the barest of minimum chores today and have moved an appointment to tomorrow.  It has been wonderful.

I am fairly certain that by tomorrow I will be “back to myself”, but it will be a while before my workouts return to last weeks pace.  I have also gone three days without the veggies  & water that I was able to take in last week.  That will have an effect, but I think the damage was as minimal as I could make it.  This is a journey, not the destination and hurdles like this will come from time to time.  What looks like the right path is not necessarily going to be the best one… another reason for constant reflection!

I find it comforting to know that this very thing – where a direction “looked right” but wasn’t is well known in the church.  St. Ignatius created a set of spiritual exercises and in the second week he has a set of rules that say much the same thing:

Fourth Rule. The fourth: It is proper to the evil Angel, who forms himself under the appearance of an angel of light, to enter with the devout soul and go out with himself: that is to say, to bring good and holy thoughts, conformable to such just soul, and then little by little he aims at coming out drawing the soul to his covert deceits and perverse intentions.

In lay terms it says that the enemy will sometimes try and take you off the right path by proposing one that looks good.  Sort of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  There really is no place in our lives that is not spiritual – and though I am not saying the enemy was the one to have me try getting up early on Sunday by making it look like the proper choice at this point – I am saying that the methods that apply to one apply to all.  If you understand your faith, you will have a better understanding of it all.

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