Posted by: cmittermeier | January 16, 2011

New Routine, week three

It is a new week and I have many reasons to expect good things from it.  For one, I am past my peak, or when I ovulate.  I have a great deal of fatigue, confusion and in general my ADHD is very hard to manage around that time.  I am on medication for it because this summer doctors were able to determine that I was not creating enough progesterone.  After six months of supplements I am certainly seeing changes, the fatigue is much, much less than it was one year ago but it is still not gone.  So, now that I am well past peak I can expect things to go more smoothly.

The second reason I expect things to be easier is that I did get more sleep this weekend.  Though I still want to stay up later than I should, but after last Sunday I took to heart that I really do need my sleep.  It will take a long time before I fully catch up on all the years of sleep I have lost, but I’m not looking at it from that perspective.  I’m trying harder to keep to my routine and I know that eventually that will make a big impact on the back log of lost hours.

There is a third reason, and that is my hubby.  I know I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am married to a wonderful man who is also overweight.  It is hard to change for him, especially in these areas because he loves his nighttime snack and pop is always on his menu.  When we have both serious taken an interest in weight loss we have both done very well, but in the last 10 years I think he’s just had too many other priorities to keep up with any of my attempts.  My coach has noticed a very direct correlation in my progress – when he’s making even minimal changes I can make big ones.  I have noticed that this time around he has been willing to make changes.  I am very excited to report that in the last few days he has made an enormous one.  Yes, even bigger than him changing the evening snack from Doritos to Sweet Chili Rice Cakes.  Even bigger than him walking at his lunch time (well that wasn’t really a big change as he normally does that).  The big change is that at bedtime he has been doing push-ups with me.  I am not saying one day he will be doing the full exercise routine with me, but parts of it I am sure we will be doing together.  That is an enormous boost for me!

So onwards and upwards folks!  I’m down 2 inches from my first waist measurement and am ready to do what it takes to keep it moving!




    Keep it Up!!!

    I’m rooting for ya!!

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