Posted by: cmittermeier | January 20, 2011

Blood sugar stabilizer: veggies

I saw my family doctor the other day, bit of an update on a few things.  I went over with him how hard it was to stabilize my blood sugar in the beginning and how it now made sense why previous attempts had always resulted in weight gain.  Exercising would drop it down and so I would come home and eat, eat, eat and worse I would never push myself too hard because I knew that if I did I was at a greater likelihood of passing out.  I have never been able to push myself this hard before, I literally never knew it possible, but by eating the veggies I can!

At the end of yesterday I had to add up my food group totals and I still had the above revelation in my head.  I had to recount it several times, but in the end I ate close to 6 cups of raw veggies yesterday.  No, that wasn’t 6 cups of salad.  That was 4.5 cups of bell peppers (red, yellow & orange), 2.5 cups of a broccoli/cauliflower mix eaten over the course of lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.  Just over a month ago I was going many days without eating veggies or fruit!  Notice the word MONTH – this did not happen over night.  It was also only possible because I had the blood sugar readings.  It is a simple matter: if you want to faint, don’t eat your veggies.

Really, that is how much of life is.  If you want the consequences, do the deed.  At 39 years of age I am finally understanding that.  The moment is just that, the moment.  Decision making is about looking well beyond that moment – to the real consequences of that instant.  Wow.  You really can teach an old dog new tricks.



  1. Start teaching this one, will ya?

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