Posted by: cmittermeier | January 22, 2011

Week three: routine has results

When I first started with my coach I could barely handle 10 crunches. I remember wondering why I could not seem to get my muscle to contract as I attempted to move and literally sat still.  My first plank was around the 15 second mark, and that was not in the first few weeks.  Yesterday, my plank was 60 seconds and that was after my regular stuff including 40 crunches, 40 obliques, and the latest and greatest – 20 V-crunches with leg extension.  Those are the ones that sent me over the wow-edge.

taken from google images

My body feels like it once did.  I have strength, I have stamina.  …and I have something MORE…

I don’t pass out.  I don’t feel faint.  I don’t get lightheaded.  This means I can PUSH my muscles.  I can PUSH my cardio longer, faster.  I can – and am – loosing weight instead of gain weight when I exercise.

My blood sugar is still not fully stable, there is more work to be done on my diet, but finally I am seeing results!  I need to move more veggies to the morning, and though peppers are really nice and yummy, its obvious from my charts the last few days that denser veggies do a better job and I will have to find that balance.

On other sides, my family is still dealing with time issues, I won’t lie to you it is super hard to get everything done.  I am hoping to get some time with a mentor type figure to help me review my present committments.  It is a very big challenge with my Adhd to keep everything going, but I want the person who helps me review have similar beliefs and a strong understanding of the challenges I face.  So many people just don’t get that I can’t just schedule it and sit down and do what needs to be done – or that it can take me 2x as long to accomplish simple stuff around the house because of how chaotic I tend to do things… Nothing like going up and down the stairs 3 times to get three separate things that you never thought about till after you got back down.  Very efficient, NOT! 

But this is the way God made me and he doesn’t make junk.  Its almost like all the physical challenges he has given me with my body were designed specifically to teach me.  When I think ahead to what it will be like to have my body without all the fat, I cannot separate the spiritual, physical and mental growth that I am having in getting there.  Resisting physical temptation has always been considered a training ground for spiritual tempattions.  That is why we are encouraged to fast – not as a way to give meaning to famine!  Mentally, for the first time I am forced to face my adhd with an atitude more akin to, “ok, so you don’t have legs – figure out a way to get up the stairs.  On your own.  Then get back to me”.  Yes, I am admitting I have used my adhd as an excuse for giving up on a number of challenges.  Yes, I am admitting that by giving up, like those first crunches, my adhd alternate solution finding skills had atrophied.  I won’t be able to keep up this journey if I don’t face all my physical limitations and find solutions that aren’t pie in the sky.  I will have to keep reading on adhd and bringing in strategies.

Some will work, as those of late, and some will flop like getting up early to exercise that one yukky Sunday.   On the whole, I’d say the score is greatly in favour of those that are working.  Blessed be His Name!



  1. “God doesn’t make junk”

    I love that! Get a bumper sticker made!
    Good for you Louise!

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