Posted by: cmittermeier | January 31, 2011

I’m running behind the wagon… could the driver slow down a bit?

Now this was a hard week.   Between all the appointments, mainly for family obligations, and my work at the church I can honestly say that I am ready to say GOOD BYE to this week!

If you look back it seems that all we did was run from place to place, meeting to meeting and that meant a lot of unplanned meals.  I did not have enough cut up veggies, so only lunch had veggies for many of the days and that was not good.  We had to grab food on the road a few times, and though I was able to make some good choices, obviously they were not as good as I had hoped.  I was also under extra stress and that meant that carbohydrates were my best friend.

What extra stress?  Well, since May 2001 I have been on Tegretol CR, an anti-epileptic drug.  I had two nocturnal grand mal seizures (I was asleep) and several absense seizures.  It is possible that I had been having complex partial seizures as far back as puberty, but only God knows that for sure.  Since going on the meds, nothing has happened and so its time to see if I still need it.  The next few months will be interesting.  As I taper off the meds, I will need to try and keep my brain as cushioned as possible.  I have been told many times that normal people could have seizures if meds are dropped too quickly (seizures are not the only thing they are used for) and after reading up on things I believe it.  I won’t always have to avoid alcohol, or keep my sleep routine so structured – but for the next few months as my brain adapts to life without the extra chemicals I must.  And yes, if I can, avoid unnecessary stress.   I will not be able to drive, and that will be interesting as I relearn the bus system.  Lets face it, though I’m no spring chicken I once depended entirely on the bus system and it wasn’t that bad!   Not to mention that we are only a month and a bit away from when I can bike where I need to go.  That is one of the nicest parts of Toronto – winter doesn’t go till the end of April!

This is all a very big change, and hence stressful.  I went for comfort foods a bit too much and am up a pound.  I am not too upset by that, lets face facts folks, no journey will be a continuous straight path.  The deviations are understandable and though I do hope that next time I deviate LESS, I am no help to myself if I wallow in how far I deviated this time.

Getting back on the wagon has been harder than I expected.  It has taken four days to get this far and I’m still not back at a great day.  I’ve been able to reclaim my morning meals: both breakfast and lunch have the distribution of foods I want.  For those of you asking about morning snack – my first two meals are just over 2 hours apart so I don’t have time for it yet.  When I can get breakfast in earlier, I will move a snack in.  I’m moving my afternoon snacks towards the protein and fruit, but have added carbohydrates the last few days so still a bit to go.

My exercise has been stable for the last two days, a blessing with all the appointments of late.  I am quite amazed by how many crunches I can do.  My own routine has 50 crunches, 40 each side for obliques and I’m not sure what its called, but I’ve made significant progress with the lower ab thingie.

—— I wrote the above on Friday but didn’t have time to finish.  My weekend had both a housewarming and a send-off for friends who are moving to Vancouver.  Lots of work and very little real rest.  This morning has been very reactive as issues come up and need to be dealt with.  It is life.  I lost track of my blood glucose monitor, but my hubby was able to remember where he put it.  I am still tired and need to get some coffee in me as I never had time to finish my first cup.  Enough is enough!

If any of you know how to shoot the wagon driver so I can catch up and get back on, please do.


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