Posted by: cmittermeier | February 18, 2011


On Thursday when you pray the Rosary it is the Luminous Mysteries – those that focus on Jesus adult life just up to the Passion.  In the past I have always had difficulty with with the Transfiguration decade.  Though all mysteries are exactly that, a mystery, as I repeat this one I often felt as if they were memorized words.  If I were anything past grade 4 and had to write a paragraph on it I would not get one single comprehension mark.  Last night was an exception.

Today I am down to the last 100mg of tegretol per day; in five days I will be at the end of my weaning and will no longer be taking pills.  I’ve had minor dizziness and fatigue this last week, but otherwise I am side-effect free.  The headaches have diminished.  I get the feeling my brain will take a while to fully adjust, and I want to nurture it.  I will make sure to take my Omega pills and will start using more olive oil.  I will make sure to eat my fish.  Brain fats are very important!

On the exercise front, I am noticing differences in myself.  I saw myself in a mirror and just stood there staring at my pants.  I was shocked by how baggy they are.  It was a much needed shock too.  This week has been busy, too busy, and I missed getting on the treadmill two days.  I didn’t like that so when I went on after those two days I did the full hour.  I was able to maintain a very good speed too – and I want to go a bit faster but I really need those new shoes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two areas that are significantly changing along with a few other areas that are changing.  I’m working more on my household routine.  It is hard developing routines; ADHD makes developing a routine like dissolving rock sugar into ice water.  With a lot of stirring, maybe some extra added heat, some crushing it can be done but even with extra help it will take longer than dissolving a packet of sugar in your coffee.

So you see, I am physically becoming a new and different creature in Christ.  I would not be able to do this without my faith.  Getting on the treadmill, staying on the treadmill, keeping the speed up on the treadmill – it is all done to push souls out of purgatory.  I can’t do it for myself, and the intrinsic rewards of a stronger body isn’t enough to get ast the inertia – I need that purpose beyond myself.  My faith is changing me.

As I prayed that decade last night it was very personal.  One day I will be transfigured, and with all the changes going on in me right now, that day is no longer just a memorized piece of scripture.  The transfiguration still holds infinitely many mysteries yet to be revealed, but today I am now part of that mystery.  YOU are part of that mystery.  One day we will ALL be transfigured.  Pretty cool.


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