Posted by: cmittermeier | February 23, 2011

Am I ready to fly solo?

So am I ready to fly solo?  Can I continue on my own journey to health without external supports?  The problem is that is not a realistic question.  We are not islands, I will never be without external supports.  I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts to a better question like, “what external supports do I need?” but it just won’t come together.

I’ve been finding it very hard to keep structure in my day, but realistically this week was overly busy and for the next while things will continue to be overly busy.  That is why the above thoughts are important. I know I’m having trouble on my own, but figuring it out is not coming easily.  Once Lent begins things will slow down on many fronts, but I can’t just give up till then.  I can’t grab in some extra supports till lent either, all things take time.  So my first question is really a mute point: I have to fly solo for a bit, ready or not.

Its kind of like parenting in that respect: you are never ready but you somehow manage to get it done.   Having said that, I’m off to get the morning exercise and chores done.  Then I can sit down and review the next two weeks and see if I can get my momentum back.


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