Posted by: cmittermeier | February 25, 2011

Down a Pound!

This week I had three things stand out:

  • My knees were quite painful
  • I saw a picture of myself and I looked BIG
  • I was down one pound

I ordered them this way for a reason.  Today, at this moment I am BIG.  There are many ways to look at oneself in the mirror and see a skinnier view, and for years those were the only views I looked at.  It was easy to ignore what I was doing to myself when you don’t look at it.  When I saw the picture taken last Thursday, I had to look at it – it is where I am.  Above and below that are two other statements, one about my knees and the other that today when I got on the scale, it was down 1 pound (in ten days).  The days my knees hurt I was reminded that was my future if I didn’t change it.  If my weight does not go down in short order I will be living with chronic knee pain.  It is one possible future.  But it is not the only possible future.  I was down one pound.  That is the other future.

Today when I was on the treadmill and doing my exercises I did not want to be there, but these three things were enough to get me and keep me there.  Right now my husband’s 42nd birthday cake is baking, and so after this I need to go cut up some broccoli and eat it because what comes next is decorating it.  Like this morning, I will hold onto those three things as I eat broccoli and ice the cake.  It won’t take too long and then the temptation will be over.  I only need to be strong for about 2 hours, and when I compare 2 hours with those three things its an easy win.   Tonight I will finally get to the shopping mall to get running shoes.  Tomorrow… well tomorrow I will get back on that treadmill and I will continue to do what needs to be done to keep moving my weight down.  I know what future I want to choose!


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