Posted by: cmittermeier | March 6, 2011

Get out and walk!

Spring is just around the corner, 15 days or so till our sun is at equinox – equal day and night.  It is a turning point that is less about that one particular day then those that surround it for we do not come out of darkness all at once.  We only add about 6 minutes or so each day.

The sun is doing many things with those extra minutes.  The snow is beginning to melt.  What falls from the sky is more likely to be rain or ice pellets and they in turn melt more snow as it hits the ground.  It is amazing to see your world emerge from under the blanket.  As the temperatures drop back down, the pools of water form skating rinks.  Everywhere you look you find kids slipping around gleefully.  The birds of winter seem to wake up their vocal chords and chirps begin to fill the air.  There is nothing more quiet in the winter than a flock of birds that swoops and dives in silence.

It is the time of year to take off the boots and lace up your walking shoes.  There is no better way to cast off the winter blahs.  I went out for a walk on Friday and found myself not wanting to return.  Not only did I traverse many of my favourite paths, but I tried new ones.  Our world is one of the biggest clues to our creator we have, and there is nothing more nurturing than to soak it all in.

At this time of year we all need a break, we all need those precious few minutes extra of sunshine.  So get out!  Enjoy!

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