Posted by: cmittermeier | March 24, 2011

What to contribute to a “Snack Table”?

Life is not intended to be a continual feast, yet, we live in a world where we are continually invited to events that have food at them. In the next three weeks, it will be my turn to bring something for the “snack table” for two events. I much prefer being the one to bring because it gives me control over what will tempt me.
So I just got back from the grocery store with fruit galore! A platter of strawberries, grapes, a couple of bananas and some apples and my plate will be full of things I don’t need to work off later. Other times I’ve brought veggies and dip, or salads. The most amazing thing is that all the healthy stuff goes first and yet more people don’t realize it and still bring “goodies”.
So I challenge you – next time you’re going to a new event and want to be first plate to be eaten BRING FRUITS AND VEGGIES!



  1. Here’s my guess as to why the Fruit and Veggies go first…

    We don’t want to look like Pigs eating all the Junk! 😉

    AND…we would feel guilty diving into the “Goodies” having such a healthy alternative before us…

    Just a Guess 🙂

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