Posted by: cmittermeier | April 13, 2011

I’m walking, oh yes indeed!

I have read in many places that as you start to go towards a healthier lifestyle, your body will crave it.  I never believed it too much.  I’m much more comfortable with the equivalent in our faith – I have seen over and over again how when you start to turn towards God you find yourself craving that direction more.  You start to get curious and ask questions about the bible, you realize you “miss” church when you miss a Sunday in the pew… you start googleing “daily reflection”.  When it started to happen in my physical transformation, it took a while to be noticed.

I was shocked how on the weekend when I had the opportunity to eat cheap cookies that after a few I just couldn’t put another one in my mouth.  It did not taste appealing any more.  I find myself wanting fruit and I look forward to my yogourt smoothie the way I used to look forward to my daily cookies.  I breath better – now part of that I’m sure is that the snow mould is gone – but not all of it can be attributed to that.  I had for a short while gone back to slouching, but the last few days I’ve been straight and tall.

I’m working hard at getting more Omega-3 into our diets.  There is a lot of great research on it, and though I had know parts my recent readings have been mini Eureka moments.  I have found since increasing my intake that there is a real difference and I hope you will spend some time looking into them.  My ADHD is still there, and as recent as Monday I was considering more medial help with it.  I’m not making the appointment because I am seeing differences in my ADHD and my brain in general.  Yes, there are still rough spots BUT I am focusing more.  My house is getting regular cleaning and things are moving along.  I have noticed the biggest differences come from the exercise and the Omega-3s in my diet.  God did not mean for us to eat the way North Americans eat – if you look at Christ’s diet you will find that it would have been very high in things like Omega-3’s and anti-oxidants… funny how only now that “science” is showing us the benefits to eating fish and olives do we pick them up and yet if you read the bible all you hear is fish fish fish… it has been in front of us all along.

Today I am starting a grid sheet for the distances I am walking.  I am going to keep an eye out for references to how far Christ walked..  Although we all know he was a very fit guy, we tend to ignore just how much walking he did.  We get so caught up in our zoom zoom zoom lifestyles we miss out on the simple pleasures and benefits of doing things like walking to the corner store to get our groceries.  Jesus could have easily set up his life to have a donkey or chariot – the guy was God here folks.  He didn’t go high-end, he was a common man.  And so, as I look at all the zoom zoom zoom around me, I can’t help but ask myself if I will ever be able to keep up with that common man, for I certainly like to zoom.  I’m just finding my zoom is turning inwards, wanting to make myself zoooooommm instead of a machine… and on that note, I’m off for my morning walk.



  1. YAY!!

    Good For You!! I think the Little Things like Walking…are what I miss most.

    Zoom, zoom, zoom is Right! I don’t know where my day goes. I feel I accomplish NOTHING!

    Even more, I don’t take care of myself either…Oh the good ole’ days…. 😉

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