Posted by: cmittermeier | April 15, 2011

Filler Foods

Sigh.  I’m finding I’m getting hungry.  Its a good thing really, its just I am a creature of habit and its hard to always reach for the food I know my body wants.  Good foods to fill up on are things like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, fruits… you know, high fibre stuff.  I’m finding that I’m drawn more to grains, and that is a problem even though I am interested in whole grains.

I am going to try increasing my water intake today, and I’ll have more grapes instead of denser fruit like apples.  I suspect that at the root of the craving is the feeling of fullness.  I have often found that when I am dehydrated that I want more grains, and seeing as grains hold water it kind of makes sense.

I really want to be past this craving by the weekend.  This week coming up is when I do all the bread baking for Easter – hot cross buns and Easter Bread (Paska).  I will need to rely very heavily on God if I’m not going to eat too much come Easter Sunday!  I know from past experience that I won’t be able to rely on myself… especially the Hot Cross buns, oh so yummy!

So to prepare I will say lots more prayers, I will make sure to get in my walks and vacuum my house.  Nothing like a clean place to remind you that you can stay in line.


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