Posted by: cmittermeier | April 19, 2011

Planning for the Holiest of Holidays

Thankfully I’m not a chocolate addict at the moment.  But I do love my breads and with my heritage’s traditions around Easter have a lot of dough in them… like Hot Cross Buns!  Easter Bread!

Thankfully my husband’s family, whom I’ll be celebrating the holidays with won’t have the Kubasa and a few of the other high fat ones from my Polish heritage.  I am glad that we also do a lot of veggie and fruit trays when we are together.

Easter week is normally a time of fasting, pushing yourself just that bit more knowing that in just a few days we come face to face with the suffering of a man who did no wrong – who died for us before we ever born.  In some respects it should be easy to maintain my weight – but I know it won’t.

I love bread, hence why I do not keep too much of it in my house.  I have never ever thought of changing the recipe to a healtier variety… Easter Bread is meant to be a rich, sweet dough and I’ve never seen a recipe with whole wheat flour.  hot cross buns are also a sweet dough, but I can see using whole wheat flour in it.

This is also a busy week and I won’t be able to get out and walk as much as I should.  In terms of my cycle, I’m nearing the peak and so I’m more easily fatigued.  I am also still in a bit of funk so exercise is not my first choice of actions… and yes, the yummy breads are harder to resist.

So if I’m going to make it through the holiday, I’m going to have to rely on something beyond myself.  I am reminded how lucky I am to have my faith.  The end of the line isn’t the end of the line – its where God begins.

Tomorrow after the kids get on the bus I will head out for a walk, a long walk.  If I can get in 3 miles I will be happy.  The rest of the day will be very busy so I have to get it in early.

I must admit I am not used to all this pre-planning, but I’m getting better at it.  It has been hard to bring structure to my life without work or school, but it has been coming.  I am being transformed.

Well, that is it for my rambling… i will continue with my plan tomorrow.  Please keep me in your prayers, as I keep you in mine.


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