Posted by: cmittermeier | April 26, 2011


A good friend submitted her name to be part of the Vatican’s blogger meeting – and was accepted!  The announcement of who got in came out and she got her confirmation at the end of last week… not exactly a lot of time to plan travel but we did it.

On Thursday I will fly with her, via Great Britain (we have a two hour layover, not enough time to check out the wedding, hee hee) and we’ll stay in Rome within walking distance of almost everything… my shoes will likely get quite the workout.

I love the roll of sidekick!  I get to experience the adventure with her but while she has to make sure her brain is still functioning I just get to carry the laptop 🙂

Though we will be dining in a foreign country, I expect to loose weight with all the walking.  We will be there for the Beatification of John Paul the second, we will be there for Divine Mercy Sunday….

I am still spinning with excitement!



  1. I truly think we will need a NEW pair of Shoes once we return…


    Oh and don’t forget your Rainboots!!!!

    • …but not the kind for walking… though that’s just what we’ll do!

      Many Congratulations on the invite! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

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