Posted by: cmittermeier | May 9, 2011

The Bike is out!

Yea Haw! How I loved to ride! I am not overly fond of Exercycles because you have to constantly be peddling… when you are on the road there is a lot of coasting, especially in traffic. I had to go to the church today and went there and back on my bike, one way its a 6.3km trip so 12.6km round trip. There is a slight change in altitude, so coming home is just that smidge harder.

Though I know its not as good of a workout as constant activity, it does get my heart rate going and the sweat pouring.  I have always loved to bike, I will never forget how good it felt to conquer Manor Drive on the way to high school.  Distance was never my thing, but the older I get the more interested I am in longer rides.  I’m not talking really long rides here folks, just 15-20km round trip kind of rides.  It all starts somewhere, and right now my standard ride would be 12-15km and I do stop for a long break before coming back.

Enjoy being active outside folks!  We all need the sun 🙂


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