Posted by: cmittermeier | May 21, 2011

Calorie Log – May 2-4 Weekend:Friday

Lets start with the exercise.  16 KM of biking, about half with a gradual slope down and half with a gradual slope up.

In terms of food, if I had stopped at dinner I would have been on track.  I had a friend come to visit and so I decided to have a nice treat for us – pita with humus.  Its great – and my calories in would have been reasonably ok if I’d stopped with it.  But I didn’t stop with it, I ate potato chips too.  All the work I’d done this week will allow me to hold my own if I don’t go overboard in the next few days.  Yes folks, when you can’t stop at just a few potato chips add up fast.  I was physically very sore and tired – and so I gave into temptation even though I was full.

In my prayers this morning I was back to feeling like giving up.  I had not taken time to assess the damage, but I kept thinking ahead to all the events this weekend and all the temptations.  I was back in that inevitable end result… total failure.  I started to think of what I could do to fight it.  I will be at church this afternoon, I can go to confession… and then it hit me!  Confessing something I haven’t done yet?  The priest will just tell me to not do it, and I’ll respond with, but I know I can’t stop myself… and boom!  The light went on, I’d listened to the lie and now there it was squirming in front of me.  I’ve had a kick-butt week.  Yes, last night I fell to temptation, once I started I couldn’t stop.  But that was LAST NIGHT, not NOW, and certainly not THE FUTURE!

So this weekend I have decided that I will try doing strict avoidance.  I am not at a place where I can “eat a little” so I’m going to stay away from all goodies, all Doritos (sigh)… I will also watch my dip intake and stay as much as possible to plain raw veggies.  I worked too hard this last week to throw it all away and gain.  There are times when I can eat just 12 Doritos, but as this is not one of them… I’m not going to take the risk and start.

I ask your prayers, this is a big mountain I’m going to climb.  I will constantly be reminding myself that I made it through the dandelions and this is no different… 3 days, not 1 – but still its just a short term that I need to be strong for.  Then I can come back on next Tuesday be back in the easy times.


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