Posted by: cmittermeier | May 25, 2011

May 2-4 is over!

Phew!  Now that was a L-O-N-G weekend.  We stayed close to home on Saturday to take care of some jobs here and then late in the evening went up to the lake where my in-laws live.  We spent two very full days there and came back late on Monday… yesterday I left the house at 9:20AM to run the mother’s group at the church and got back at 9:30PM after many other meetings.  To say that I fell asleep fast it s a bit of an understatement.

Though I logged down all my food in my paper journal, I did not have a lot of access to measure most of it.  I gave into myself a few times, but on the whole it was a good start.  There will be many more trips, and eventually a 5 week stretch.  Food wise I have a decent chance of staying on track, but exercise wise there is a long way to go.  I got absolutely no exercise in when I was there.  Not one walk, not one bike ride, nothing!  It should get better as I take on a few more chores up there, but this last weekend was more recon than action.

When I weighed in yesterday I was down .8 of a pound and I am happy with that.  I don’t have calorie numbers for the days away, but I promise to get back to doing that tomorrow.  I found it very helpful, but even just writing down all my food on the weekend was beneficial.  Even though I didn’t have enough information to know the calories, it still kept me from going totally overboard and it made it easy to avoid empty calories like drinks.

Keep up the fight everyone, we’ll get healthy in time!



  1. hey camille, if u need to keep a record of the calories I used this in my nutrition class; “Nutrient value of some common foods.” it is a candian government resource, just google the title and it will come up. It is a pdf and a lot of pages (68 pages to be exact)… but worth it to print if you go away often.

    • Yeah, in the summer we’ll have the net up there, but for the next month or so I don’t. I’ll look into it!
      When’s your next post???!!?

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