Posted by: cmittermeier | May 27, 2011

Calorie Log – looking ahead to the weekend

Its Friday!  Now the hard days begin.  For those of us living in the daily grind of 5 days work 2 off, we know the routine of the weekdays can often be easier than the freedom of the weekend.  If you have ADHD routine is not as easy to implement, but it is still possible.  Usually to do so requires a lot more external helps than internal, and a lot more patience as we develop our routines.  Having a stable workweek enforced on us is a good thing, and once its established we can piggyback on the daily routine to put in place needed activities.

Weekends do not generally offer the same routine, and as such are harder for us to maintain discipline.  We have to be adaptable on weekends because the tasks and activities vary from weekend to weekend – and that means to stay on track health wise we need to be at full power.  I am going to spend a fair amount of time today looking ahead at my weekend to see if I can head off some of the worst.  In the past few months I have slowly been making some changes to my weekend.  I’m generally out and about on Saturday and though it took me a while, I’ve finally gotten in the habit of taking a packed lunch with me.  Yup, no more fast-food grabs, no more lunches of coffee shop bagels.  I have made sure I stash water and take a travel mug of coffee so I don’t grab pop.  But I am missing exercise and my evenings need major revisions.

Friday and Saturday nights are not party nights for me, but they are nights I don’t want to restrict myself food wise.  They are the ones I’m inclined to go snacking on high fat, high calorie foods to “treat” myself.  It is part of the RnR of the weekend, and I realized yesterday that till I find something that fulfills that, denying it won’t work.  It will be like a rubber band that is stretched too much and will rebound back with too much force and I’ll only hurt myself.  I need suggestions folks!  I love my daily smoothie and I’m thinking something like that would be good to replace the dessert urge, but I need to deal with the munchie urge and the only thing I’ve come up with to combat that is veggies and they only work so well.  Ideas people????

In terms of my log for yesterday, it was a break even kind of day.  My basal Metabolic Rate says I need around 1975 calories a day.  To loose about 1-2 pounds a week I need to drop down to 1500, roughly, and add extra exercise daily.  Here was my numbers from yesterday… so you see, I’m not on track to loose weight this week and so I REALLY need to concentrate on the weekend.

Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned

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