Posted by: cmittermeier | May 28, 2011

Calorie log – back to the weekend

Well we’re back on the weekend… the secret to increasing in virtue is to practice it. The next two days are a battle ground – can I keep on track for a ‘normal’ family weekend?  Practice, persevere and patience.

Yesterday was a very scatter-brained day, with projects all intertwined, my adhd was truly on overdrive.  My dear sweet hubby came home and had the fun job of trying to find the kitchen under all my clutter.  I was able to get some things done, but still, there is room for improvement.

This week I kept focusing on the need to ask more of myself, not in the negative way but the “you CAN DO it” positive reinforcement way.  It worked really well yesterday, and I suspect it will continue to work over the weekend.  I am off to do something, just haven’t decided whether it will be a walk or bike, or ball exercises (most likely ball exercises).

Here are the numbers from yesterday… I think it speaks for itself.  For the week, I am still slightly over and so I can’t expect more than a pound loss but I’ve also got 3 days till I weigh in!

Food calories consumed
Exercise calories burned
Net calories so far today

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