Posted by: cmittermeier | May 30, 2011

And the Scale SAYS….

You’re down 1.6lbs!  Now that was unexpected!  Or was it?  Lets look at the numbers for the week

To maintain my weight, I should have taken in 7 x 1975 = 13,825 Calories.  I took in a total of: 10,264 calories, leaving around a 3600 calorie deficit before I take into account my exercise, so the 1.6 pounds is expected.  But what about the time of the month?  I remember once before when I was in a weight loss program that I never had those ‘ups’ at this time on the month.  It was unusual for me and I asked the leader about it, she explained that it wasn’t a secret – I was just following program.  Though our hormones play a role, the foods we eat also impact how our bodies handle those hormones.  Their program was reasonable on sodium and promoted a lot of water and they found that many women did not have that ‘up’ week.  The rudimentary checks I did supported what she said, so I guess I’m not too surprised that it is starting to happen again.

I am starting to attack the dandelions in my backyard this week, but I’d like to spread it out rather than do a marathon.  I will keep you posted.  Today I did one hour already and will likely get a bit more time in.  My son is on his way home from school with his Dad, tummy ache so no promises.


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