Posted by: cmittermeier | June 2, 2011

Calorie log – slow n’ steady vs quick fix

Yesterday was good, almost right on the button with 1504 calories.  I had to bike to and from the church yesterday, and there was a head wind most of the way that was gusting up to 70kmh… exhausting to say the least.  Today I will again bike down to the church but will be getting a ride back, though I know I must work harder on coming home not just going today is not the day I am going to push on that.  It’s enough that I’m biking the harder distance 3 days in a row.

Yesterday I took at peak at some other weight loss stuff… 30 day quick fix stuff.  How I was tempted!  The internal hook was, “see, now you’re developing discipline and could follow this… then you’d see results!”.  I turned it down.  It’s not what I’m to follow right now… but as it isn’t the first time I’ve started peaking at organized programs I got to thinking about what it is that is really drawing me that way.

It’s the group mentality.  I know I have readers, but there is little dialogue and commenting.  I know I have friends who are also trying to work on their health, but it’s not something we talk about.  I know the fact that I’m doing this with a lot of bible study and prayer means not everyone is keen on hearing how I’m doing it.  When I look at the other programs, I’m finding its so I can join back into some of those circles.  Now that I know this, I can take better action… and so I’m hoping to get some girl time in and maybe even a date with my hubby.  Its been a while since the two of us have had a night out.


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