Posted by: cmittermeier | June 4, 2011

Extra Work, Extra HUNGER, extra need for planning

So yesterday I put in the veggie patch, first turning the soil with the fork then raking smooth, then kneeling and putting in the seeds.  Then I broke my garage door spring and so had to do a lot of heavy lifting to get it up and down till the repair man came.  I spent much of the afternoon physically very tired, and so I concentrated on book work.  I had to do a lot of thinking on the spot as we dealt with the garage and figured out if I should go with my husband to visit is family this weekend.  By the time it came to do dinner, now just for me, I was zonkered.

With all the work I did, my calories were in line with IN-OUT=1500.  But the IN was around 2300 calories and the OUT was 800.  I’m pretty sure looking back that I did need the extra food, a garden is a lot of work and with my hypoglycemia it can really screw you up.  I ate a lot of trail mix in the afternoon as I knew my body needed the protein.  What I didn’t do was to eat a lot more fruit, veggies and to have a prepared meal for later.  When 7 rolled around and all the drama of the garage door repairs and travellers leaving was over, I was hungry but tired and I wanted some FUN FOOD… so my dinner was 500 calories of food with almost no other nutritional value… I had s’mores.  Marshmallows and chocolate just hit the spot.

I am glad to have the time to look back.  Today I need to get back to the fruit and veggies and to get me that summer time treat fix I’m going back to my smoothie and for fun I’ll make a watermelon spritzer.  I might grab some prepared skewers and the fixin’s for greek salad from the grocery store for a real treat, but we’ll see.  The night I’m still planning.

So for today Lord, I pray you guide me back to the straight and narrow.  Help me to build my discipline and to add things to my freezer so I have better options… and while you’re at it, can you help my seeds get just the right moisture to grow?


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