Posted by: cmittermeier | June 6, 2011

Weekly weigh-in – Catholic Comic Strip

On Sunday I took some time to read the Creighton University Daily reflection.  In it, the Jesuit Priest refered to a comic strip he read in his youth that went over martyrs and other things from the catholic faith.  I was intrigued and like all internet junkies googled it the moment I finished my meditation.

The comic is called Treasure Chest, and as I read through the first issue I had to stop and say many private thank yous.  Last week was physically very demanding, and I certainly took in more calories than I had been.  I am nearing a standstill in terms of MY efforts, I am playing dangerously close to that internal line we all have.  I have not crossed it, thanks to many things including that well-timed comic that are external.  If I were an alcoholic, this week would have been like having to go to a number of social events where people offer drinks to others knowing I can’t start.  They’d have a friend in the room remind them how far they’ve come and lots of people who also stuck with pop for their own reasons so they were protected from the pressure to fall off the wagon.  The person could have easily had a drink and choose not to, but they had help  and they knew it.  That was my week in a nut shell, lots of help to stay on track but ultimately I made the choices.

This week I will have lots more external helps, especially in the exercise area.  I will be forced to bike everyday with my boys as we have taken them off the bus till the end of this year.  Our oldest had been waiting to get his first gear bike and now that he’s got a 5-speed he’s ready to bike to school.   I will have our grade one on the come-along, and that means I need to bike home.   I am going to keep records of how long it takes me, it will be quite encouraging as I get better to be able to look back at home far I’ve come.

The first story in the comic was about lent – I love the first panel where the kids talk about how they hate fish!  What a blast from the past.  The first few pages of the story go over a world record runner and the choices they made to accomplish the goal.  They had to say no to things – in the case of the comic it was a cigar (it was from 1946) and how he had to bend his will to do things – after what looked like a workout his coach was having him do more long distance running.  It went over our will and how we need to train it, and it was just the reminders I needed.

I am down .6 of a pound, and I have now been down for a number of consecutive weeks.  This is where the training of the will happens – not in those easy moments where the enthusiasm of a new goal carries you forward effortlessly.  These are the moments where you push the envelope and get stronger… that’s how we increase our virtues, by practicing them… and I’m really hoping this week to read and write more about those virtues.


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