Posted by: cmittermeier | June 7, 2011

Children, Challenges, Calories & Kilometers

Salve Maria!  Today is one of those mornings where if I don’t start with Mary I know I won’t get very far.  Like the couple at the wedding in Cana, disgrace is close at hand.  She knows what to say to my Lord when I don’t.

Yesterday was a busy and good day.  I had lots of fun with my kids, making a three-pointed hat for my youngest son as he used his father’s shirt to complete his British Naval Officer uniform from pirates of the Caribbean.  I got the weeks laundry done, groceries, and we had a wonderful family mass together.  My oldest was back to liking church, it was going very well… till…

Near the end of the night things went sour and my special needs 10 year old started crying and screaming in public.  He was upset because we were leaving early and his fun had to end.  I do not take well to public displays… I still remember vividly my last one at age 5 or 6. I have done what my mother did many times over, but the effect has not been the same.   My son has hearing issues, mild autism and adhd and apples do not fall far from trees.  Strategies that were used on my husband and myself often fail with our son, but we may only be remembering the last time when things worked and not the 99 others when our parents had to face the same issue over and over and over.    Not to mention that our son is a blend of us, and the strategies for one may not work on the hybrid.  By the time we got home I was in no mood to deal with him.  I hopped on the bike and went for a ride to calm down.  A friend called after I got home and the distraction was just what I needed.  She too knows what its like dealing with kids whose behaviour is less controlled than other kids, and it made a crucial difference.  Knowing you are not the only one to deal with these problems and that even when they don’t magically go away they are survivable was crucial.  My son enters grade 6 next year, from here on in life gets harder not easier.  But we will survive, maybe even thrive… ok, I know, we’ll be lucky if we just survive.

As frustrating as it was, I did not over indulge in chips last night.  I ate my 8 and that was enough.  My calories was at 1600 with alot of running around.  I had temptations throughout the day, but in the end I want the scale to go down and that means work, so I worked.

I wish I knew how many kilometers I rode last night, I’m not entirely sure of the route a lot of it was just to get me moving.  I felt like a kid again.  When life was rough I would take off on my bike to blow off steam, I don’t know exactly when I lost that but I’m glad its back.  As much of a challenge it has been learning how to get along without a car, there is a lot of benefits too.  using physical means to calm down is one form of sublimation.

I’ll never forget first year university when we were learning about sublimation of solid to gas – like when ice steams.  I looked it up in a dictionary to get the spelling and found the other meaning of transferring human energy, usual sexual energy to some other physical manifestation as practiced by the catholic church.  My friend and I laughed at it, we were all catholics and none of us had heard that, much less

I had a rough sleep, but I’m prepared for today.  Well, sort of.  it is baking day and though I forgot to bring my bag of carrots, I’m not in the mood to eat sweet stuff… but I do have to get a bit of dough started so I shall let you go.

Here’s hoping your confession lists are shorter than mine.


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