Posted by: cmittermeier | June 23, 2011

Calories, Daily Exercise and PAYOFF

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to write lately, its just been super busy and while logging my food is a priority, these blogs aren’t.  I have been working hard on daily discipline, and have been getting in proper exercise and been much better at my food intake.

I am loosing weight, and inches and gaining endurance and stamina.  The time to get to my regular errands is decreasing greatly, and I’m finding that a day just isn’t complete unless I get some exercise in.

With the warmer weather I am having to put more of an emphasis on getting enough water and I’m very careful about little frequent meals.  I need to be more careful about the water intake, I could easily get dehydrated.  One thing I have found helpful is to shower right before I have to bike somewhere, it seems to keep me cooler and I don’t find I need as much water when I finish.  I still drink like a fish, but I don’t seem to need 2 litres.

Self-discipline isn’t easy for me, but with God’s help I’m getting there.  At times I get this sense I’m being cheered on.   What I find most important is that its not just with this stuff that I am becoming more consistent, but my prayer times are less erratic (though I must admit still as creative as ever… my rosary on Monday was counted by the clothes I was hanging).  It is soothing to have a regular time for my prayers, morning prayers really do help when said in the morning and not as you get ready to start supper!

Its all connected folks, and beautifully designed… one strand bringing out the colour of the other.  I’m off now, it will be a busy day!

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