Posted by: cmittermeier | July 1, 2011

Summer Vacation Begins

I must admit I feel rather blessed right now.  We left for our summer home today – my in-laws place near the bay.  Its a great place for the boys to run and play, climb trees and overall have a lot of fun.  I weighed myself before we came, knowing the scales will be different here.  It was a weight I had seen before (technically I’ve seen most weights before, except the ones under 8pounds 2 ounces that is).  It was the lowest weight I had gotten to before the Easter gain.  It is a highly symbolic number.

The summer is spent very differently than the school year.  We live off of a highway, so other than a few streets there really isn’t a place to go that doesn’t involve fast moving traffic and as I’m still a few weeks from getting my license back… I won’t be getting in the bike rides I normally would.  Its not nice to scare grandparents, and really i can’t blame them, biking on the edge of the highway with the kids should be unsettling to them.

I am in luck though, I have a lot of support to eat right while I’m here.  My mother-in-law recently lost 12 pounds (and counting) and she too likes keeping veggies in the house.  I brought my yogurt and berries are in season, so I should be good.  The only food challenge I forsee is the kids.

Coming up with ideas on what to feed them will invariably take me into territory I don’t want to go.  I’m hoping that I can find some sort of routines with them to make sure they get good nutritious food that doesn’t take too much brain power on my end.  You see, I find it hard to set a menu for them.  I run out of lunch ideas quickly.  They aren’t the sandwich kind of kids, with my older one we still can’t mix food… bread is eaten separately from the cheese, hamburgers are eaten bun first then patty… My younger one’s allergies make it hard to find bread he can eat, so all in all pasta is a better summer option for lunch.

I will keep you posted, I’m hoping to start new kinds of activity while I’m here and I will keep you posted.  It should be a fun summer, just don’t expect too many entries.  One thing about this place, there isn’t a lot of empty time!


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