Posted by: cmittermeier | July 3, 2011

Tomorrow the summer normal starts

So what will be my new normal?  Get up, eat breakfast and then teach – yup – homeschool my boys for about 2.5 hours.  Then its snack time for the kids and cleaning time for me.  Lunch then a smidge of school work then play time – likely spent swimming in the bay or watching the boys play on the rope swing.   A lot of reading and maybe a little biking, but not as much as I’d expected…

I had hoped to be biking to and from the park everyday, but there is a small section where we’d be beside the highway and its going to take some time to get used to that.  It will take a bit of time to get an exercise routine in place.  I’m going to have to rely more on calisthenics and hopefully I’ll get some time to do some serious walking.  I’m wishing I’d brought my jogging shoes, but my walking shoes are pretty good.

I have a number of books to read, I’m looking a little deeper into Ignatian spirituality this month.  Ignatius was the first saint that I spent a lot of time learning about and throughout my journey his work has figured prominently – the only guide to Jesus that eclipses his work is Mama Mary.

I have so much to thank her for, and not just in getting closer to her son but the entire trinity.


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