Posted by: cmittermeier | July 5, 2011

In search of sleep…

One of the hardest things on your body is to not have adequate rest.  Nearly every system will malfunction without proper sleep, and its not just about total hours either.  I generally find that it takes me a long time to get used to sleeping in new places.  I’m a mom, what else needs to be said?  Any and every noise gets input to my brain as “child-alert!”.  Last night some animal was rooting around in some neighbour’s yard and I was awoken at 2:00am to a noise I still can’t identify being shooed out of a yard.  It was difficult to fall back asleep.   I had hoped by now to be able to sleep better, lets hope tonight is better.

I’m down another half pound, yeah for me.  I’m being extremely careful about what I eat as I can’t seem to get in the exercise I’d like.  The last few days have been almost bang on the 1488 calorie mark I’m allowed.  Its mentally very challenging homeschooling two boys during summer vacation, too bad brain work doesn’t burn that many calories!   I’m also learning my in-laws routines and trying to help out around here.

I guess you could say I’m getting some exercise, I washed some windows today.  I never realized how much dirt flies around our house till I had to wash these windows.  You see they are still building houses around us, and cleaning our windows requires you to change the water 3-4 times in a single window (especially the ones facing the construction sites).  Here I did four windows, one a huge front window, on a single bucket and the water wasn’t that dirty!  Lots of cobwebs, but little dirt.  Its exercise of some sort.

I’m finding it hard to keep my boys fed.  I have two extremes.  One is in a growth spurt and is hungry every hour, eating easily twice or three times his normal amount.  The other barely eats, and every meal comes with some sort of fight to get a single piece of vegetable in him.  That’s a big improvement from years past, back then a taste the size of  a pea could cause him to vomit.  I’m running out of food for the younger one, I had not expected him to eat so much.  Tomorrow I’ll make hot dogs for lunch, three of those should stuff him (no buns though, I didn’t bring them from home and he can’t eat the ones here).  At least breakfast is easy, and tomorrow’s dinner should be too.  That just leaves me with Thursday and Friday to figure out.

I’m in a period of great consolation, I hope I am putting it to good use.  Yes, a lot is asked of me, but the consolation is making it feel like I am working muscles to the perfect  point – not hard enough to hurt, but just shy of that.  There is a great sense of hope and accomplishment.  I wish I could say I’m not falling short, but I’m still making a few mistakes and my confession list isn’t empty.  On the bright side,  I feel like I’m increasing my patience and self-denial.  Its a great feeling.

Thank you all for your prayers, they make a difference!  And now I’m off to say a few of my own.



  1. I do not know about you but washing windows sounds like exercise to me! I’m also counting calories, i.e., 1,200 but have been slacking a little and need to exercise more. Tomorrow, I am going back to reporting daily on my blog. It helped me GREATLY when I was doing that to stay on track. Congrats on the weight loss and we will get to our weight goal >>> pound by pound / inch by inch.

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