Posted by: cmittermeier | July 7, 2011

Cottage Cleaning

Its amazing how invigorating cleaning  a cottage is!  Its like discovering buried treasure – just of another kind!  First its the cobwebs and spider webs bearing insects you can’t identify, then its the collections of dead flying insects in odd places.  Thankfully no dead rodents or birds, still remember vague memories of finding such things when we cleaned up my great uncle’s place decades ago.  First time I ever saw a push mower… memories are sweet!

I’ve emptied the vacuum more times and still lots of rugs left to go.  I’m just finishing up on the first part of the bathroom, I worked on two of the most beautiful mirrors I have ever seen!  The frames were intricate with lots of crevices to catch dust over the years.  I could look at them for a long time.  This place is really quite beautiful under all the cobwebs.  In a very special way I’m falling in love with it.

Well, break time is over.  I’ve got to get todays cleaning finished up and get going on the kitchen.  No dishwasher and because I knew I’d have extra time I haven’t even done  the breakfast dishes, shameful I know.  I am very happy with what I accomplished today, though I sure could use a few more days.


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