Posted by: cmittermeier | August 5, 2011

Books, Beaches & BBQs!

Summertime is long huge excuse to go hog wild on calories!  Its hot so we drink more – and what are our options?  Who else finds a nice cold beer awfully tempting on a hot day… or maybe you prefer coolers or lemonade?  Then there is the food.  How many times do we grab a bag of chips to bring add to the BBQ, and lets not forget all those salads… pasta, potatoe, coleslaw – all drowning in sauce.  Then there is all the cool treats: ice cream, popsicles…

calories abound – and I’m not a summer sport person to burn them off.  I am the type that when it gets hot I just want to power down, not heat myself up with activity.  Not to mention a lot of the sports – like frisbee, beach volleyball or softball often include movements that are hard on a weak bladder.  Cycling and swimming used to be a big favourite, but this year I’m having some troubles.  For the first time in my 40 years I have a yeast infection.  Seems like every time I have a long ride or go in the water it gets worse so for the next bit I’m taking it easy.

About the only thing really easy is prayer.  My boys fall in love with God every time we hit the beach – the colours, the breeze, the waves.  It speaks to their souls and they love to thank God with the most beautiful spontaneous prayers.  I try and focus on that when I’m tempted to indulge.

I love reading at the beach.  There is a set of childrens chapter books on various Saints by Pauline press.  One of the days we were at the beach I was reading the one on Blessed Pope John Paul II.  Did you know he used to sneak out of the Vatican to go skiing?  Once he was spotted they insisted he have a police and fire truck escort.  There was one other family there and the father asked what I was reading – evangelizing and I wasn’t even trying!

There is just something so yummy about reading near water.  I am going to buy a bag of ice so I can sip nice cold water as I read this weekend.  I’ve finished most of my summer picks, but I still have a bit more left.  All I need is one of those huge umbrellas to stick in the sand and I’m set… mind you, my big floppy hat does a pretty good job.

I have planned the food for the weekend, and most of it is healthy.  If I can keep the water cold and fresh enough I should be able to keep the drinks to a minimum -they are very hard to resist for me… but not as hard as ice cream!  I am not satisfied with fruit bars either, so I try to limit my exposure.  I just realized that God giving my youngest son a dairy allergy really helps with that!  Wow!  One more example of how God uses even the things we consider yukky to our advantage!

So on that note, I will sign off to finish getting ready for a weekend filled with beaches and picnics, visits and books, prayers and rest!


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