Posted by: cmittermeier | August 14, 2011

Recharged and ready to go!

I’m not sure if its the ADHD or just the secular worlds influence, but I have a hard time sticking to things.  Most things last about three to four weeks and then I just can’t seem to stay with them.  For most things this is a bad thing, but it also applies to backsliding.  I reached my lowest weight just days before my birthday and since then I’ve been off track.  I haven’t spent any time logging my food and I’ve barely exercised.  I weighed myself the first two weeks following, but haven’t got on the scale since then.  But the pendulum is swinging the other way and today I realized I’M BACK!

I will take my weight the next few mornings and on Thursday I will post what its been.  I’m too near my period to have an accurate single reading, sorry folks.  I have no idea if I am up much more than I had been in those two weeks.  Last week was better, it was nearly on track but I didn’t have time to log any food so I can’t say for sure.  That is why I knew today that I was back.

In Catholic circles you will often here that the greatest spiritual growth comes not in times of consolation, but those dark moments when we feel alone.  As I reflect on my own weight-loss dark time I see that from a new angle.  Yes, in easy times we can all loose weight, but what good is it if during the not so easy times we put it back on, or worse add even more?  Our progress is measured by those dark times and when we are true during them amazing things are accomplished.  When you come out of them, you are recharged and able to do MORE than you were before.  I know I will be able to stay much closer to the ideal this week because I am

  • not stuck in the guilt of gaining “everything back”
  • physically my body didn’t have time to get used to the higher calorie intake as I didn’t indulge that many days

And this is all because during the hard time I didn’t slide “too far” – because in the dark moments I remained as close to faithful as I could… next dark time I hope to do better, and I know eventually I will conquer even the dark moments.

Inside me I don’t feel that fight to indulge.  I am back to that easy space where refusing ice cream is as simple as typing the words, “No thank you”.  Quite a change from previous weeks.  Like I said, I feel like I am back – back in control that is!

For once I am glad I only stick with things so long 🙂  Have a good and Godly week!


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