Posted by: cmittermeier | August 15, 2011

Memories of Rome

I miss the coffee.

I miss the buildings… but I don’t miss getting lost.  Rome is one city I would not mind having a great GPS!  Even once we got to know our way around a bit it was super easy to get turned around and find yourself on some strange corner.

The churches that I remember the most were the ones off the camera route.  Sorry, but I don’t have that many pictures to post as I basically stopped taking pictures after a few days.  When I went to a church I just wanted to pray, and as  Br. Gustavo put it, I was taking them with my heart instead.

For many of the days I had Fr. Francois showing me around and it was wonderful to have a bit of an insiders view… when you have a priest with you other parts of churches get opened.  I regret that I didn’t prepare my wallet better… there is an unofficial custom to drop coins in places and I generally went about without pocket change.  Other than our initial purchases I didn’t go to shop and we brought basically all our food (outside of breakfast, that was part of the hotel) so I just didn’t carry money.

One of my favourite places was San Benedetto, the church built where Saint Benedict lived when he studied in Rome. 

They have part of the original wall and the icon of the Madonna that he prayed to.  It is run by my order, the Heralds of the Gospel, so I guess it isn’t so surprising it was one of my favourite churches.  It was small and easy to pray in because you never felt lost like you do in some of the big churches.  It has been reconstructed, and I liked the fact that the pillars didn’t all match.  It reminded me of a broken piece of pottery I keep at home.  On it I wrote, “even broken we are still a perfect part of God’s Plan”.

Many days Rome feels very close, in some ways I feel like I never left.  I stood on the ground of the earliest Christians and in doing so became one of them.  As I met and befriended so many people from all around the world who were there for the same purpose I realized there really is just one Body of Christ.

Please, if you are ever in Rome, go see my little church… just make sure you have very good directions as it is so easy to miss.


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