Posted by: cmittermeier | September 2, 2011

Secret Friends are great

Today was a wonderful day!

I got a very short bit of time with my Lord and was able to touch base with my home church before we went to the Toronto Zoo.  When you are away for 2 months so much can change, including yourself.  When I stepped in to confirm that I’d run Mary’s Corner on Tuesday it was a perfect welcome.  Life in a smaller town is much less hectic and part of me was worried that I wouldn’t be able to adapt quick enough to the faster pace of my home parish.  Today was just enough to remind me of the groove of the church without feeling overwelmed by the pace that it works at.

After that we hit the road to the Zoo and it was a great day.  We really enjoyed seeing all the animals and I am very proud to say we walked the big hill!  Anyone who has been to the Toronto Zoo knows the hill to the Americas, its one of the least visited sections of the Zoo.  The zoomobile can’t handle the hill so the only way to get to it is by foot.  I didn’t feel too bad either, I was very proud of how well I did.  Got me thinking about other exercises I should start doing.

Another great thing about today’s visit was that we packed our own picnic and so food wise I did pretty good.  My only treat was two rice crispy squares, we had no temptation to buy a beaver tail at all.  For those of who unfamiliar with beaver tails, they are very unhealthy.  Its the size and shape of a beavers tail, made out of donut dough – yes its deepfried.  Then its basted with melted butter and your choice of toppings… maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, chocolate.  Its one of the few treats that I actually consider as “once in a lifetime”.  One website has it at 400 calories before toppings, but I question the size of portion.  Mind you, the 30 grams of fat I don’t question!

After the zoo we came home to find something outside my door… I am so totally blessed – it was Orchid!  I feel like a queen!  I have no idea who left it, no card was attached.  I am so touched 😀 Though I have a poetic side, I always find I can never find the words to describe how thankful I am.  They all seem to fall short.

So thank you who ever you are!!!



  1. Well done on avoiding that beaver tail – it sounds wicked!

  2. Your posts always touch my heart. What a perfect end to a perfect day… an Orchid! Congrats for getting up that hill @ the Zoo. Bridgette. You have such a unique view on life.

    • Ditto to you! What happened to your comments tabs? Loved the post at the beginning of September, can I ever relate! Next Tuesday will be the first time back on the scale after getting back home, not looking forward to it but you’ve given me courage.

      Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Hi… the comment tab on my “NEW THEME” is by clicking on the post you are reading and it will take you to that individual post and the comments from bloggers are at the bottom of the post and you can leave a new comment. I WAS WONDERING WHY PEOPLE WERE NOT LEAVING ME AS MANY COMMENTS SINCE I CHANGED MY THEME. YOU THINK PEOPLE CANNOT FIND IT? Leave me one so I know you found it. That is what i get for trying to be all fancy and stuff. SMILE! 🙂 🙂

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