Posted by: cmittermeier | September 3, 2011

El Camino de Santiago

Ever notice that God is awfully persistent?

Today I have some time so I went to review some of my favourite blogs.  One of them is preparing to walk the Camino in 2013 (I could be wrong about the year – I promise to double check).  Its not surprising that I found a link to the movie, The Way, on her blog.  One of my four nephews came in and sat beside me, I showed him the clip and told him “God’s gonna have your Aunty’s walk that you know, I just don’t know when God will have me do it”.

I have questioned this in the past, but it just keeps coming up.  Last week I got home and opened the Catholic Register and found an article on a father and son who are walking the Camino.  I keep wanting to browse the net about it… its in the back of my mind all the time… but today was the first time I admitted to myself that I’m going to do it.

I wish I could answer why I’m doing it, but I can’t so don’t ask.  I just know I will walk it, God isn’t telling me any why’s just yet.

For the first time in my life I have to accept I am in training.  I’m going to walk 800km and you don’t just get off your butt and do that.  Well, if you are my super fit brother in law you probably could, but this is me we’re talking about.  I am in training folks, wow.

There was something else that was really neat about today.  Every other time I’ve thought about doing this walk I have felt an internal push against it because it would be a social thing and I would not want to do a spiritual thing with other people.  Today for the first time I didn’t feel that insipid “SOLO” , today I realized this will be a walk I do with others and I’m okay with that.  The real question now becomes, who’s coming with me???   Some I’m sure will do it only for a few days, some will walk through my training, and some will go the whole distance.  It would be one heck of a way to meet you all, so tell me, who’s walking with me?


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