Posted by: cmittermeier | September 3, 2011

The Thin Red Line

Where do we draw the line?   You know, that imaginary line between our spiritual life and the rest of our life?  I just finished telling someone about the Camino and it got me thinking how to many around me they will look at my decision to do this as part of my religion.  I find that weird, because I don’t know why God is having me do this.  Its just part of my life, there is no thin red line between my spiritual side an my life – my life is spiritual.

When I think of doing something to get closer to God, I think of searching for those deep, profound moments often over dramatized in movies.  Its too overdone, and too far from my reality.  Yes, I have had many moments worthy of Hollywood – last summer I sat at the end of the bay and was surrounded by migrating butterflies.  In secular lingo it was magical – but so are the every day moments where I look at the littlest things and find deep peace.  I am not going on the Camino in search of some profound moment because God meets me everyday.

For me this last year has been a quest to erase all my lines, to let God into every area of my life and to let him guide every area of my life.  For many old school Catholics God was kept out of the bedroom; we all know the stories of the old women turning the statue of Mary around when their hubbies went nudge nudge wink wink.  John Paul’s Theology of the Body has changed that for our generation – making love is a sacred, the greater the climax the greater the touch of God.  For many the line is at the door of their work: we live in Canada, home of “leave your faith at the door”.  Most people have those lines at some point in their life, when was the last time you examined yours?

This blog was started because I was trying to pull away one of those lines: I was bringing God into my weight loss and health.  I have ADHD, it is hard to sustain continued effort, we need a continual diet of new projects.  For the last few months though my eating hasn’t been too bad, I have fallen off the exercise wagon.  Its just a lot easier to exercise in my own home, and I’m looking forward to various ways to get it in but still, I’ve only got the next two months planned out.  A true long term routine, that I have no clues on – or do I?  Don’t you find it neat how as I struggle with how I’m going to keep up long term efforts I am surrounded with a very long term goal?

Amazing, He knew before I did!

I challenge you to look at your own thin red lines where you keep God out – I’m sure they are not problem free.  If you want His help you have to take the risk and let him on the other side.  I’m not saying its easy letting Him in, or that his methods will be a piece of cake — come on folks, He just asked me to walk 800km!!!  I will say that He will do all the hard work, just as he always has, just as he did on the cross all those years ago.



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