Posted by: cmittermeier | September 6, 2011

In need of focus

Tomorrow is a mess.  I have too many loose ends!  Only one activity of the many daytime stuff is figured out – a friend is picking me up and taking me for lunch.  Beyond that its a free for all.  I have a few hours before she picks me up and I can’t decide… do I go grocery shopping, fix the vacuum and take care of the matted cat hair?  Do I clean my fridge (yes, when in Dervish mode all sorts of weird chores start coming to mind)? There’s also the toilets and the basement bathroom where I melted the ice from the freezer we defrosted last week, and the fish tank — not to mention the weeds that choked everything in my garden when I wasn’t here to take care of it over the summer.   And what about after the lunch?  I have an appointment but I need a partner for it and my regular is not confirmed so I’ve got the backup waiting in the wings, not to mention that I haven’t quite figured out how I’m getting home if its the primary – though the backup would also include a ride home… too many unknowns.

Oh, ignore the above, just a regular ADHD moment.  I call them Dervish moments because I feel like I’m being spun around mentally catching glimpses of too many things.  It is hard to make decisions because everything seems to come at you all at once.  I find that other people steady me, as does writing, hence why I am doing this.  Now that I’ve done a brain dump I can plan more effectively.

The most pressing chore is…. groceries.  We need food, period.  That will likely take from 8:30-10:00.  That gives me room for one more item, and it’ll be making dough for pizza dinner.  If there is any room to maneuver before she gets to my house I’ll use it to start a draft of the adverts for Mary’s corner (something that blinked too fast to process in Dervish mode – and that’s because its not something I’m looking forward to doing).

After lunch is dependent on my partner and hopefully she’ll get back to me tomorrow morning.  As I sit here calmly I’m realizing that she’s likely as snowed under as I am and therefore I will count on my backup – as my regular partner she deserves a bit of a break and this week is an easy pick up for my backup.  If my regular would like to go I just have to make it clear I need the ride home and voila!  Chaos is tamed.

See how important it is to organize your thoughts?  I just nipped a spaz attack 🙂



  1. Hi… am I loving the new theme? YES! I love how the same theme can look so different! You with your ADHD and my OCD (self diagnosed) make an interesting online force. 🙂 Things seem to come to my mind all at once as well and the older it gets the worse it/I get. Bridgette

  2. QUESTION. When you click on ADHD tag/category at the bottom of your post does it take you to the global tags page for that tag with other blogger posts under the same heading? Or do it go back up to the tip of the page when clicked? IS IT THIS THEME OR HAVE I DISABLED SOMETHING? Let me know. Thanks. Bridgette

    • Oh heck I don’t know! Funny how I was thinking the other day about how I know so little about the underlying structure of these pages. I will see what I can find out next week.

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