Posted by: cmittermeier | September 10, 2011

Green Tea & Weight Loss

Green Tea is back in my tea pot for many reasons.

The first is that I need a quick fix, an easy boast to my weight loss.  I’m cheap and cheesy I know.  I have a lot on my plate right now, as I’m sure do you all.  I have only been able to make a few small changes, but starting my gym membership up is not one of them.  My husband is dealing with the stress as best he can, but it often includes food.  I don’t want to give up on loosing weight, so I’m reaching for a magic pill.   Green tea has been shown in many studies help you loose weight.  Its a magic drink, but if that was all it did I wouldn’t have jumped, its a magic drink with benefits.

Green tea has been researched a great deal in recent years, a quick search came across the following benefits:

  • Protection from cancer
  • Brain blood pressure & overall blood Pressure
  • Fights Arterial plaques
  • Eye health
  • Joint health
  • Memory Booster

With all these other benefits there is lots of cover for my magic bullet, I could easily say I’m not doing it just to loose weight, but that would be lying.  Though I’m not so far gone to be buying into clicking on those weird pop-up adds for “loose 20lbs in 20 days”, I am going away from the course I know I should be on… you know, the hard work path.

You know, facing my desire for an easy fix has made me want to do that hard work!  I don’t want to be a “20 lbs in 20 days” clicker.  I do want those other benefits of green tea… actually I want some of them more than just loosing weight.  So I’m off to do both the easy and the hard – I’m going to sip a cup of green tea while I do my crunches 🙂



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