Posted by: cmittermeier | September 14, 2011

Multiple Lives

I just came back from helping out in Collingwood.  I am having difficulty switching lives.  I have to wonder how working moms handle it.  I wish I had the brain power to try and list out all the different hats I seem to be carrying this year.  I had thought I was paring down, but seems like this year I’ve got more not less to wear.

I am just coming off my period, I got really badly bloated this time, more than usual – that or my fingers are swelling at the knuckles more.  I am looking forward to this week but I have to get better at flipping hats if I’m going to track down the knuckle thing.  I don’t know how people take care of themselves – like how am I supposed to find time for a doctors appointment???

I finally got a minute to get my eyes checked, I’ll be getting my first bifocals hopefully this week.  I used to take university notes the size of 6-8pt font (I loved writing in micro-type), now I can’t do that because my fingers cramp and my knuckles hurt to much and I need my magnifying glass to read them.  Yeah, I’m gracefully getting older.  I decided against transition lenses as they don’t change in a car and my eyes are more light sensitive the last few years.

I am so whiny tonight!

Funny how once you get it all out it doesn’t seem so bad.  As I read over this I’m not sure I really have any more hats than I did last year, but it is a different set of hats.  Adjusting to a new routine helps when each day has commonalities, but with the hats I’ve got every day is different.  Each hat has is unique and there is very little common ground.  Last year the hats were more centralized, big difference.

I have to spread my exercise into each routine, last year I was able to keep it as an island but this year I will have to integrate it into each bit.  I have been trying to do little exercises each day, but its hard to remember to do them in Collingwood.  At home its easy to fit in a few sit ups and such, and I like having the control to set my own routine.

Speaking of routine, I need to get back to the home routine… laundry won’t do itself, and the vacuum is ready to run.  Calories beware, cleaning can be a workout!


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