Posted by: cmittermeier | October 3, 2011

You Satisfy a Hungry Heart

The older I get the more I understand the power of songs – and hence why people would try to ensure my young ears only heard good ones!  Since realizing that I was using food to satisfy my spirit, this hymn has been going through my mind a lot.

This is one of many YouTube videos of it – please note this is old-fashioned church music, if you don’t like Organ don’t listen!  I like a lot of the new music, but there are certain hymns that I miss.

We spend so much of our time searching for something that will take away our pain, numb us, give us happiness.  One of the videos I looked at was just he instrumental, but I loved the images used.  It was all pictures of the consecration, of hosts being held high in the air and it resonated so well with me.  That, the Eucharist, is what satisfies.  It amazes me how ever time I go to mass I seem to drop it all, as if I lose all the “doing fine” masks I stand there battered and hurt. Then He comes and I am nourished, wrapped in his acceptance, love and given strength for the journey ahead.  I would love to have mass every morning.

As St. Augustine put it, we have a God size hole in our heart.  He is the only wine that satisfies, He is the only bread that feeds.  I will end off with one of my favourite adoration prayers:

Prayer of Adoration
Blessed James Alberione

Jesus, today’s adoration is the meeting
of my soul and all of my being with you.
I am the creature meeting the Creator;
the disciple before the Divine Master;
the patient with the Doctor of Souls;
the thirsty one drinking at the Font;
the weak before the Almighty;
the tempted seeking a sure Refuge;
the blind person searching for the Light;
the lost sheep sought by the Divine Shepherd;
the wayward heart who find the Way;
the unenlightened one who finds Wisdom;
the bride who finds the Spouse of the Souls;
the “nothing” who finds the All;
the afflicted who finds the Consoler;
the seeker who finds Life’s Meaning.


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