Posted by: cmittermeier | October 6, 2011


How do you celebrate?

I’m serious here folks, I need to know!  You see, today something really great happened.  I finished something I’d been working on and moved it to the next step.  It is a great feeling, but you know, its unsatisfying.  I had a nice dinner but I was left wanting … more … and then it hit me!  Wham!

I usually celebrate with… food

Oh, you too, eh?

So tonight I’m going to look around and see what people do to celebrate instead of pigging out.  I’m chewing gum and its not like I’m tempted to overeat so no worries – I just want to know what to do next!


  1. I’ve seen people do spa days or go out to something they want to do. I just feel good about myself and feel all pumped up. Congrats on whatever it was.

  2. I want you to watch or re-watch “Romancing the Stone”. 80’s flick with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. “Joan” is a novelist. So cute to see how she celebrated finishing her novel du jour 🙂

    You know what I would do…VINO!!!


  3. Congratulations! Treat yourself to a bath with a glass of wine and some candles. TIme just for you! Reflect on how good it makes you feel to have finished whatever it was. Or, go get a manicure/pedicure or maybe a massage. What makes you feel good? What’s a special treat for you? Maybe a night out with your husband – a movie and/or walk in the park. Shoe shopping is my favourite treat…

    • Definitely the tub! Add a little jazz and a good book and I’m set 🙂

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